Monthly Archives: February 2019

Captain Cuts & Marina and the Diamonds

Captain Cuts co-produced and co-wrote Marina and the Diamonds’ single “Superstar”, available Friday via Neon Gold Records.

Alex Hope & Ben Platt

Alex Hope produced and co-wrote Ben Platt’s single “Grow As We Go”, available Friday via Atlantic Records.

Captain Cuts & Carly Rae Jepsen

Captain Cuts produced and co-wrote Carly Rae Jepsen’s single “Now That I Found You” ft. ayokay, available now via Interscope Records.

Ian Kirkpatrick & Ally Brooke

Ian Kirkpatrick produced and co-wrote Ally Brooke’s single “Low Key” featuring Tyga, available now.

Big Taste & Broods

Big Taste produced and co-wrote “Hospitalized” and “Everytime You Go”, available now via Atlantic Records.

Ido, David Guetta, & Loote

Ido Zmishlany co-wrote David Guetta’s single “Better When You’re Gone” featuring Loote, available now via Atlantic Records.

Electric & Léon

Electric produced and co-wrote Léon’s single “You and I”, available now via Columbia Records.

Carlos de la Garza & Wild Belle

Carlos de la Garza mixed Wild Belle’s “Mockingbird”, available now.

Ian Kirkpatrick & Backstreet Boys

Ian Kirkpatrick produced & co-wrote Backstreet Boys’ “Is It Just Me”, available now via RCA Records.

Captain Cuts & Loren Gray

Captain Cuts produced and co-wrote Loren Gray’s “Queen”, available now via Capitol Records.