Monthly Archives: August 2018

Ian Kirkpatrick & And The Writer Is

Ian Kirkpatrick was featured on And The Writer Is, available now.

Captain Cuts, Zookëper Release

New Captain Cuts and Zookeper single “Do You Think About Me” ft. Georgia Ku, available now via Epic Records.

Alex Hope & Alec Benjamin

Alex Hope produced & co-wrote Alec Benjamin’s single “If We Have Each Other”, available now via Atlantic Records.

Zookëper & John Mayer

Zookëper remixed John Mayer’s “New Light”, available now.

Alex Hope & Years and Years

Alex Hope co-wrote Years and Years’ “Howl”, available now.

Mike Wise & Ralph

Mike Wise produced and co-wrote Ralphs “Tables Have Turned”, available now.

Simon Wilcox, Matoma, & Enrique

Simon Wilcox co-wrote Matoma ft. Enrique Iglesias’ single “I Don’t Dance (Without You)”, available now.

Captain Cuts & The Vamps

Captain Cuts produced & co-wrote The Vamps “What Your Father Says”, available now.

Electric & XYLO

Electric produced & co-wrote XYLO’s “IDWSYA”, available now.

Alex Hope & Bayli

Alex Hope produced and co-wrote Bayli’s “MYOB”, available now.